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Washington State Testing

We're now a State Certified and Authorized Testing Location. The Knowledge Test and Drive Test are now being conducted at our school. The KNOWLEDGE TEST is available in 7 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.


STEP 1: To take the Knowledge test, you must PRE-APPLY first. Please Click here to apply.

STEP 2: Prepare to bring documents: Picture Identification, DTS Certificate, Insurance Card etc.... Click here for more info

STEP 3: Schedule Test Date & Time by clicking on the 'Book Appointment' button below, or simply call our Office

Practice Test Online before heading to our office:Click here


$30 Knowledge Test (one tester have two chances)

$60 Driving Test (with your own car+proof of insurance)

Instruction Car available for Driving Test

We administer the Knowledge Test during office hours.WALK-IN WELCOME.

To Schedule please click on the 'Book Appointment' button

No Refund after start of the test

For additional information or questions please call:

Office: (206) 725-2077 Office Hours 9:30am-6pm, Monday-Saturday


Kirk Wong (206) 579-5010

Joanne Klein (206) 725-2077

May Wong (206) 725-2077

Rachel You (206) 725-2077

Peter Klein (206) 725-2077

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